The Give a Sh*t Book Club

Want to engage with social justice issues through books? Welcome to the Give a Sh*t Book Club! 

Here’s how it works: Every month, I pick a book that has particular relevance to what’s going on in our nation and the world. Then the last Saturday of the month, I post my thoughts and reflections about the book, and anyone who so desires can jump in on the discussion too.

The next book selection of The Give a Sh*t Book Club is No One Can Pronounce My Name by Rakesh Satyal. It's about an unlikely friendship between Indian immigrants living in Ohio, and it sounds funny and sad and delightful in all the best ways.

From the publisher: "Harit, a lonely Indian immigrant in his midforties, lives with his mother who can no longer function after the death of Harit’s sister, Swati. In a misguided attempt to keep both himself and his mother sane, Harit has taken to dressing up in a sari every night to pass himself off as his sister. Meanwhile, Ranjana, also an Indian immigrant in her midforties, has just seen her only child, Prashant, off to college. Worried that her husband has begun an affair, she seeks solace by writing paranormal romances in secret. When Harit and Ranjana’s paths cross, they begin a strange yet necessary friendship that brings to light their own passions and fears."

Want to Participate? Get your hands on a copy of the book, read it, and meet back here on Saturday, September 30th for a virtual book club discussion. Already have plans that day? No problem, the comments will stay open for at least a week, so you can jump in whenever you have time.

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