Nice to meet you!

My name is Taryn. By day, I'm a legal secretary at a law firm. The rest of the time, I read as many books as I can and write about the good ones.

I also love hippos. That's where the site name came from. (Plus, it was late, and sometimes you just have to rip the Band-Aid off and make a decision already, even if you know that without a doubt, every time you tell someone the name of your book blog, they're going to give you that raised-eyebrow look that says, "Oh, I didn't realize before this moment that you are a crazy person. Your craziness has been noted.")

I live with a guy named Adam. He may be the last remaining gentleman of our generation. Less than two months after we met, he asked me to marry him. I’ve been grateful for his reckless error in judgment ever since. Occasionally, he graces us with recommendations of his own (you can see his posts here). We also have a video series, in which he and I drink craft beer and take turns forcing our favorite books on each other.

Some critters also live with us. Cooper the dog has the kindest heart in all the world. Murphy the chubby orange cat grouchily naps away his golden years. 

Reading is one of the most vibrant, amazing loves of my life. I created this site to spread the love.

Thanks for visiting.