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The Unleashing is a big ol’ ball of nonsense, and I enjoyed it thoroughly. A tough-as-nails Marine survives multiple tours in Afghanistan only to be stabbed to death outside a coffee shop. Fortunately, a Viking is nearby who summons a god who can bring her back to life as one of the Crows—a band of badass female assassins. Kera fits right in with the Crows in some ways—she obviously knows how to fight—but in other ways, it’s going to take a lot of adjusting. The Crows are all friends…they’re just the kind of friends who occasionally bodyslam each other. Add in a dash of romance with the aforementioned Viking, and you’ve got yourself one hell of an adventure.

I’m picky when it comes to urban fantasy—I like action, but if I don’t fall in love with the characters, it’s hard for me to invest. Kera can be a pretty annoying character, but she’s not annoying to read about because the people around her call her out on it. Nobody has time for her crap. I also liked reading about female characters whose friendships are straightforward and relatively drama-free. It leaves more time for general ass-kicking. And Vig, despite being a Viking, is goofily adorable the way he crushes on Kera. My favorite part of the book, though, has to be the humor. I was DYING laughing at several points. Favorite quote: “Aw, she twat-kicked me.” (Well, I had another favorite too, but that’s the only one I’m willing to print here!)