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Sunburn was just what I needed after a recent book slump left me low on enthusiasm and inspiration. I wasn’t sure what I was in the mood for, but nothing on my list appealed. I picked up Sunburn because I had already bought a copy that was languishing (along with many others) on my unread shelf, and it seemed like too big a risk to buy yet another book when I was in such a picky mood. Imagine my delight when I realized I was totally sucked into the story! I think most avid readers are on the hunt for that page-turning, addictive quality, and while it can be frustrating when book after book doesn’t provide it, it’s such a relief and a joy when you find yourself completely absorbed.

And I was absorbed, despite being simultaneously aware that Sunburn is not a perfect novel. The central relationship strains credulity, for one thing—I never fully bought into Polly and Adam’s connection, especially when it persisted after shocking revelations from both sides. And all the convoluted scheming left me furrowing my brow a bit. But the thing is, I don’t need realism if I’ve bought into the world the author has created, and Lippman had me pretty much from the get-go by setting up a sort of mundane but somehow irresistible scenario: a woman walks away from her family with no warning and hides out in a dive bar in a podunk town. Why would anyone do that? If you enjoy analyzing what motivates people to do what they do (especially when they do bad things), you will no doubt thoroughly enjoy trying to pin down the elusive and dangerous Polly.

A great one for your summer reading list!