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The Wedding Date is pure escapist fantasy. It may be unrealistic, and it’s definitely predictable in the best way possible, but you won’t care about any of that. Sometimes you just need to daydream about meeting a hot young doctor in an elevator.

Alexa and Drew’s relationship starts out in a delightful way—stuck in an elevator with, it just so happens, a purse full of soft cheeses and champagne—and takes a while to hit the inevitable “are we or aren’t we” skids. Typically I find the manufactured drama of romance novel fights contrived and annoying, an irritating but necessary diversion from the fun of the meet cute and the satisfaction of the happily ever after. In this case, though, I became more interested when Alexa and Drew finally start getting real, asking the same questions I had been asking in my head the whole time—how are they going to make a relationship work when they live a plane ride away from each other? How do two people with very demanding careers make time for each other? And the age-old, all-important one, what will they call each other when making introductions to friends?

This romance is sweet, frothy, and somehow totally fulfilling, like a chocolate milkshake with secret kale in it.