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Sometimes you just need an audio book by a gal who travels all over the world drinking cocktails and having adventures so you don’t have to. I’m all for traveling but am also highly anxious, so vicarious experiences serve me well, and Mamrie Hart is the ribald queen of getting out there and enjoying life. If you aren’t familiar with her YouTube channel, You Deserve a Drink, go load up your queue and have yourself a hysterical evening.

My favorite story of the book was when she and her friend Joselyn went on a Backstreet Boys fan cruise. I like boy bands as much as the next girl in her 30s, but I had no idea that such a thing even existed, let alone the enthusiasm of the attendees. We’re talking themed costume nights and decorating the door of your cabin the way sixth-grade girls decorate their lockers.

What I love most about Mamrie is her confidence. She is the kind of person who says yes and asks questions later. She will try anything if she thinks it will make a good story later--which, when I think about it, isn’t a bad way to live your life. She’s also always ready with a pun.

I’ve Got This Round is pure fun--a perfect pick-me-up if you’re in need of one.