My first post, starring Prunella the Grouch!

My first post, starring Prunella the Grouch!

OMG, guys, I'm stepping way outside of the ol' comfort zone this week. I joined Instagram!

My lovely photographer friends Aaron and Christina had been encouraging (pestering) me to join up for a while, but I was all, "I don't know anything about photography" and "Why would strangers want to look at pictures of my pets posing with books," and they were all, "Just do it already!" so I caved under the pressure (encouragement) and here you go!

Now you can feast your eyes on over two beautiful photos related to my reading life! Just what you never knew you always wanted!

If you want to see how photography is really done, you should follow Aaron and Christina's new up and coming travel blog, Still Chasing Her. Not only do they take beautiful pictures, they have been to some amazing places (with more plans for the future). Their work is breathtaking and inspires me every day. I'm so lucky to have friends like them, who push my boundaries in the friendliest way. (And of course, they're on Instagram @stillchasingher.)

I'm still figuring out what the crap I'm doing with Instagram, but I'm having fun thinking up ways to use it to do what I do best--celebrate books! It should be a fun peek behind the scenes of my daily reading life, including the pup and kitties of course, and since I've learned pretty much everything I know about cooking and baking through books, there will be food photos too. #vegan #pretentiousmuch You might even get a preview now and then of upcoming books to be featured here on the blog.

So if you're on Instagram, give me a follow and PLEASE show a noob the ropes. Also, I'm on the hunt for book lovers to follow, so if you have any suggestions let me know that too! Comments are open on this post, or of course you can hit me up on Instagram now that I've finally joined the masses.