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If the idea of a drunk guy passing out on his face in the midst of an important confession on his wedding night and then surprising his new bride in the morning by turning into a horse in the middle of their bedchamber sounds hilarious to you, you will probably like My Lady Jane.

The story is loosely--very loosely--based on English history, but deviates so immediately and thoroughly from historical fact that you don’t need to know anything about what really happened to have a great time reading it. The skinny is, Edward the king is dying and he names his cousin Jane as heir to the throne--somewhat controversially, it turns out, as Edward’s older sister Mary is vying for the crown, and the man Edward has married Jane off to has an embarrassing, ahem, equine habit.

I listened to the audio version, and I loved every goofy, silly, over-the-top ridiculous moment. I loved the sweet, occasionally slapstick romance, the magical and fantastical elements (people turning into animals!), and most of all the general sense of lighthearted goodwill that persists throughout. I mean, the most conniving, power-hungry character is literally transformed into an ass in the end. What could be more satisfying?

A feel-good romp from start to finish, and a great pick-me-up if you find yourself in need of one.