Find it at your library!

Have I mentioned in the last 5 minutes that I love Courtney Milan? No? Okay, then it’s past time I talked (again) about how much I love Courtney Milan!

I love how she inverts tropes of the romance genre to make something surprising and new. I love how both her heroes and her heroines are feministy to the max. (Heroines that can stand up for themselves are great, but I especially love a hero who treats a woman like the equal she is.) I love how she brings together people from different backgrounds and social classes. I love how her characters face real problems, but things always turn out okay in the end. I love how she depicts people who are trying to live meaningful lives beyond just locking down a romantic partner. And I love the banter. God, the banter!

Before I artfully collapse to my fainting couch, let me talk specifics. I read the entire Turner trilogy in just over a week, and I didn’t even intend to start it, much less finish it. What happened was, one day I tragically forgot to bring my book with me to work, so I perused my library’s ebook offerings to see what I might check out to tide me over. They didn’t have a copy of the first Turner book, Unveiled, but they did have a massive “boxed set” ebook with all three novels. It seemed a little excessive since I was just planning to read the first book, but oh well, I thought, it’s not like it will be any heavier to carry around. So I started the first book, one thing led to another, you know how these things go, and then before I knew it I’d read the whole thing. It was a trilogy about three brothers, after all, and I had to find out what happened with each brother!

If I had to pick a favorite, Unclaimed wins, but each of the three is great in its own way. In case you couldn’t tell, I highly recommend all of Courtney Milan’s books. There isn’t a bad one in the bunch. And what’s better this time of year than a happily ever after?