Find it at your library!

This is my first romance novel of the year. I can't believe it either! How did I make it this long before craving sugary-sweet, fluffy cotton candy with a love story in the middle instead of a paper tube?!

I checked out an ebook version from my state library on a whim. There’s something so satisfying about clicking that “Borrow” button on my phone and starting to read without further ado. I wanted something light and funny, and I wasn’t disappointed. I don’t know that I found narrator Caroline quite as uproarious as some people have, but I definitely chortled a time or two.

I liked how confident and settled Caroline is in her life as a single person, and the easy camaraderie she shares with her girlfriends. There is a LOT of stalling and delaying when it comes to the “big connection” with her neighbor and love interest Simon, but when it finally does happen, the cake batter really hits the wall (literally).

Overall a fun, occasionally silly but life-affirming escape read. I regret nothing!