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A perfectly serviceable mystery, with a side of steamy for those who like a little romance with their thrills. Narrator Maggie's childhood friend Celine is found dead in her apartment, the police ruling it a suicide. And—brace yourself for the shock—Maggie doesn't believe Celine would do such a thing, especially after she finds a risque photo with a cryptic note on the back in her dead friend's handwriting. As any plucky protagonist would in her situation, Maggie decides to do a little investigating while she's in town wrapping up the estate.

As you can guess from the setup, the book is perhaps a smidge predictable. I found myself rolling my eyes at the way Maggie narrowed her focus, treating her prime suspect with a constant abundance of caution while welcoming literally everyone else she met into her investigation, describing in detail all the clues she'd found and conclusions she'd drawn to anyone who expressed a passing interest. It rang false that she would overshare so much when her friend's death was still very much unsolved. (Although I loved elderly neighbor Ruby, and looked forward to the scenes when she would show up with homemade shortbread and tea.)

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