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Sarah MacLean is such a good writer, you'll read her romance novels for the story and not just the * ahem * action.

I've maybe read one other romance this entire year, so when I decided I was in the mood for a saucy read, it seemed like a good idea to go with one of the most popular writers out there. People constantly rave about Sarah MacLean, so I knew I was unlikely to be disappointed. Still, there's a lot of mileage between “not disappointed” and my reaction to this book, which was something like “fireworks and shooting stars and baskets of puppies.”

I couldn't tell you what it is that makes this book special. It's formulaic in a lot of ways. It's not necessarily anything I haven't seen before in a romance novel, plot-wise or character-wise. But...I really liked it. It was fun to read, even when everyone had their clothes on. And I'm rarely one to read deep into a series, but I can't WAIT to see what happens with Penelope's sister and Cross from the gambling den!

Bonus: Would make an excellent stocking stuffer for anyone on your naughty list.