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Forgive me for this, but can I just say I am Super First-World Frustrated that I didn't get to listen to an audio version of this book? I knew as soon as I read that Phoebe Robinson of the 2 Dope Queens podcast had a book coming out that I wanted it in audio. I mean, why wouldn't I? I've read a bunch of books this year by comedians, and there's nothing better than hearing their words straight from the horses' hilarious mouths. But every time I checked Amazon in the months leading up to release date, they showed only paperback and ebook as purchase options. I sighed, shrugged, and requested an ebook version—and the entire time I was reading, I was imagining how much better the book would be if I could hear it in Phoebe's voice.

So imagine my surprise, dismay, and eyebrow twitchiness when I just checked Amazon to confirm that there really is no audio version available—you know, before I post something on the Internet claiming it as fact—and there it is, smirking in my face—the audio version! The temerity! It's a good thing I am not a comic book villain and thus unable to shoot Hate Lasers from my eyeballs, because my laptop screen would have been toast.

I guess my loss is your gain (you lucky bastards), because I'm here to tell you from personal experience, listening to this book is almost certainly going to be more fun than reading a print copy, especially if you haven't ever had the pleasure of experiencing Robinson's antics on her podcast. I've listened to a handful of episodes in the past few weeks so I was able to color in the gaps with my imagination, but trust me, Robinson has a unique voice and it's a lot funnier out loud.

She covers a wide range of topics, including microaggressions, Michael Fassbender, being called “uppity,” a list of demands for the first female president, and as you might have guessed, black hair and why white people lose their minds over it. She makes even the tough parts at least a little funny (which, as she points out, is necessary to avoid being labeled an angry black woman). She walks that tightrope between too silly and too serious really well. The best comedians know you can unload a lot of truth on people if you package it up the right way.

With regards to Plume and NetGalley for the review copy (even though, you know, it wasn't an audio version). On sale now!