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If you like books that make you hold your breath, but maybe stop short of peeing your pants in terror, this one is for you. Collegebound track star Caitlin is on vacation in Colorado with her family when she's abducted while out for a run. The book mainly focuses on her father and brother in the time that follows as they search for her, and beyond that, try to figure out how to keep living life with a piece of their family missing.

There's a mother character, too, but she's oddly absent for the most part—she only appears in a few scenes, and those largely serve to establish that she's fallen apart since Caitlin's disappearance. Maybe Johnston isn't super comfortable writing female characters? Although that doesn't quite fit either, because the scenes that are the most breathless and powerful emotionally are the ones about Caitlin and her abductor.

I chose to listen to the audio version of this book, but I DO NOT recommend you do the same. The author does that thing where instead of referring to characters by their names, he uses pronouns, and you're supposed to figure out from context which “he” or “she” is being referred to. Probably not too difficult in print—but wow, was it frustrating in audio. Especially at the beginning of chapters. I felt like an FBI interrogator: “For the love of all that is holy, just tell me who 'he' is! Give me a name, damn you!”