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I would have enjoyed this book a lot more if I had been honest with myself about what it was before I started it. Plain and simple, this book is a romance novel. And it's pretty good, for what it is. It has all the necessaries: a studly and unusual male lead, a juicy setup, and a good number of steamy scenes.

Sadly for me, however, I got tripped up by the most trivial of obstacles—the cover. As you will notice, there is no giveaway here, no shirtless, muscled hunk locked in the arms of a chesty barmaid. No heaving bosoms or bulging pecs. So despite the pink and purple script and the admittedly bald-faced title, what I was expecting was a bit more literary than what I got.

It turns out Jules Moulin has a journalism degree and a career in writing for TV, neither of which prepared her for writing anything other than dialogue. I listened to an audio version, and I swear to Pete, every ten seconds one or another of the characters was reported to have “nodded.” Ally nodded. Jake nodded. He nodded. She nodded. Eventually, I was so annoyed by all the nodding, I wouldn't have minded if Ally had nodded her little head right off.

When I managed to block out Moulin's lazy narration, I was fairly absorbed by the story. The titular Ally Hughes is a professor and a single mom who hasn't made much space in her life for love. One weekend at the end of a semester, her handyman cancels on her and a sexy student offers to help her around the house. And then he proceeds to help her get off around the house, all weekend long.

Then the timeline jumps ahead ten years. Ally's daughter Lizzie, now twenty and an aspiring actress, brings home a friend to meet her mother. And who does that friend turn out to be, but the hunky student Ally spent that memorable weekend with ten years ago. Is he dating her daughter? Should they acknowledge that they remember each other? How do you proceed when a piece of your past life shows up, still looking dead sexy, in your present?

Moral of the story: don't be fooled by the lack of ripped bodices on the cover. Approached with the right expectations, this could be a light, fun romp of a book and a welcome mental break.