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This book is narrated by a stalker, and it is every bit as creepy and vile as you would expect such a book to be. Joe lives a solitary life and works in a bookstore. When a pretty girl walks in and casually flirts with him across the counter, it's the beginning of a twisted game of cat and mouse.

It turns out Joe's quarry, Beck, is a prolific social media user, unwittingly flooding him with a constant stream of information about herself, which he uses to startling and sickening effect. No one can be allowed to stand in the way of what Joe sees as their true love. He is willing to do just about anything to get with her—from staging a meet cute, to breaking into her apartment for recon, to threatening the life of her clingy friend Peach (yes, Peach—this is NYC, did I mention?), and much more that is too creeptastic to go into here.

You is very much a book of its moment, with the social media and pop culture references, and Beck's obsession with publicly documenting the minutiae of her life. And even though she and her friends roll their eyes at the show “Girls,” that is exactly what they reminded me of, with their insistence on dating immature guys and their fake, two-faced relationships with each other, saccharine one minute and claws out the next.

If you're in the market for a read that will make you want a shower as badly as you want to find out what happens next, this is that book.