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Happy Saturday! It's time for Book Club!

Today we're discussing Chapters 14-17 of Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker.

Here are some general discussion questions to get us started. Feel free to bring up your own questions and opinions in the comments. Any and all tangents welcome!

Were you surprised by how the book ended?  I certainly was! My predictive powers must be weakened, because I was shocked when Mercy died. If anyone was going to die, I predicted it would be Cal or Zeke. I never would have guessed it would be Mercy. And it seemed so senseless, too--she managed not to drown in the river, but then the cop shot her? Because he has bad aim? Really? I did like how the last chapter skipped ahead into the future a bit so we could see what happened to Hannah. I didn't care really what happened to June, but I hoped Hannah would end up having a good life.

Did you guess how Gert Snow and the McAllisters would end up being connected?  I wasn't surprised that Gert and Henry had a baby together, but I didn't realize that baby would turn out to be Hazel. I guess I wasn't paying very close attention when the narration mentioned Hazel was an orphan. I thought it made a poetic kind of sense, though, the way she was both a McAllister and a Snow, and kind of an outsider in the town who could relate to both sides.

Overall, what did you think of the book?  I enjoyed reading Mercy Snow, but I'm pretty sure the best part was discussing it! I think if I'd been reading it on my own, I wouldn't have gotten quite as much out of it. It's always fun hearing everyone's different perspectives.

If you're a little behind on reading, don't worry! Comments will stay open on all posts for another week, so you can join in anytime. If you read the book along with us, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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So...what did you think?

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