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Happy Saturday--it's time for Book Club!

Today we're discussing the Prologue and the first four chapters of Tiffany Baker's sophomore novel, Mercy Snow.

Here are some general discussion questions to get us started. Feel free to bring up your own questions and opinions in the comments. Any and all tangents welcome!

What character(s) do you identify with most so far?  I love how the third-person perspective shifts from one character to another, so we get to know Mercy, June, and Hazel from the inside. Based on the cover blurb, I expected to hate June, but so far I've been surprised at how much empathy I feel for her.

What do you think is the connection between Suzie Flyte and Cal McAllister?  It's obvious they talked to each other during the movie, but why were they meeting, and why was Suzie hiding it from Nate? It seems a little shady for a teenage girl to meet up with her boyfriend's dad in secret.

What do you make of the dynamic between the Snow family and the rest of the town?  It's perhaps understandable that the Snows aren't respected in Titan Falls, considering their drunken, no-good patriarch, but it seems unfair to judge the entire family based on Pruitt's problems. Do you think Mercy will be able to redeem her family's reputation?

What do you think of the writing style?  So far I've enjoyed Baker's prose. I especially liked the section about Hazel--I loved her down-home way of speaking. I think at one point she used the phrase, "She'd be a monkey's butt if..." which made me chuckle.

If you're a little behind on reading, don't worry! Comments will stay open all month long, so you can join in anytime. If you're reading the book along with us, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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So...what did you think?

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