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Happy Saturday! It's time for book club!

Today we're discussing Chapters 9-13 of Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker.

Here are some general discussion questions to get us started. Feel free to bring up your own questions and opinions in the comments. Any and all tangents welcome!

If you were casting the film version of Mercy Snow, who would you choose?  I don't have anyone in mind, but I ask this question because I found myself wishing I could watch a movie version when things got really heated this week between Mercy and June. When June slapped Mercy, it was an incredibly tense moment and I could so clearly imagine how that would sound, a crack and then silence, as Mercy just stared her down. And the scenes with Hannah and June...if you cast the right sort of icy woman as June, those scenes could be soooooo shiveringly creepy and predatory!

Speaking of June trying to take Hannah away from Mercy, what are your thoughts on that whole business?  It's clear Mercy isn't doing the most stellar job of raising her sister, but I still think June is pretty damn entitled to think she could do a much better job just because she has money. I mean, her own son hardly talks to her and avoids her all the time. She's not Mother of the Year either. I did find it highly interesting that Mercy apparently plans to try to either befriend or seduce Nate! Not sure I can completely approve of her tactics, but it does seem nicely symmetrical in a way, for her to try to manipulate June's son while June lures Hannah with gifts and food.

Was anyone else disappointed that Hazel gave up on Mercy?  For the first half of the book, Hazel was Mercy's only friend and best chance at gaining acceptance in town. Ironically, it seems that when Mercy gave Hazel the best gift she could give--bringing Fergus out of his coma--that also ended up being the wedge between them that turned Hazel against her. Do you think Hazel is going to change her mind again before the end of the book?

Has the book managed to keep your interest this month?  Sasha mentioned that it's hard for her to read part of a book and then stop until the next week. I struggle with that too--usually I read one book from start to finish as quickly as I can and then start the next one. How has it worked out for you, reading a book slowly over the course of a month? I thought I did a lot better this week than last, personally. This week I was relaxed and calm when I sat down to read, and I found the slow, reflective tone soothing. Last week I was more stressed, and felt frustrated by the pace and the interior monologues--I just wanted Baker to move the plot along. At least for me, the book is most enjoyable when I'm chilled out a bit.

If you're a little behind on reading, don't worry! Comments will stay open all month long, so you can join in anytime. If you're reading the book along with us, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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So...what did you think?

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