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Happy Saturday! It's time for book club!

Today we're discussing Chapters 5-8 of Mercy Snow by Tiffany Baker.

Here are some general discussion questions to get us started. Feel free to bring up your own questions and opinions in the comments. Any and all tangents welcome!

Cal has confessed to June that he may have caused the bus crash--and that Zeke definitely didn't. What do you think of June's reaction, and her decision to try to bribe the Snows to leave town?  I wasn't terribly surprised that June is going to try to cover everything up--the cover blurb led us to expect as much from her. I am interested to see, though, what her backup plan is if Mercy refuses to leave (as I predict she will). I have a hard time believing June's totally heartless, considering how she wanted to mother Hannah and treat her like the daughter she never had. But at the same time, she also seems willing to go to great lengths to protect her name and status.

What do you think of Hazel, and do you respect her decision to keep Mercy on as an employee?  Hazel is definitely my favorite character. She is so straightforward and honest. I loved how she responded when Mercy told her Zeke may have caused the crash that left Fergus in a coma: "I know this. I know all this." There aren't too many Hazels in most small towns--people willing to withhold judgment until all the facts are known.

How do you think Gert died, and if the truth comes to light, how do you think it will affect the town of Titan Falls?  Baker is hinting pretty heavily that Cal's father was involved in or directly responsible for Gert Snow's death, what with the cufflink Hannah found in the smokehouse and all. I'm very curious how the history between the two families will end up affecting their current problems, and the ways in which Gert's death (murder?) might be tied up with Suzie's.

If you're a little behind on reading, don't worry! Comments will stay open all month long, so you can join in anytime. If you're reading the book along with us, we'd love to hear your thoughts!

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So...what did you think?

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