Our first-ever Reading With Hippos Book Club was a resounding success! We had some fabulous discussions around the short story collection Almost Famous Women by Megan Mayhew Bergman during the month of March. Thanks to everyone who set aside time to read the book and post thoughts in the comments! I got so much more out of the book thanks to your reflections and reactions than I ever would have reading it on my own.

It sounds like we may have enough interest to make the book club a regular thing! So today I'm looking for your feedback on how the experience went and what we might do differently in the future.

If you read Almost Famous Women with us in March...

*How did the once-a-week posts work for you? I'm thinking it might feel like less of a time commitment if we backed off to only a couple discussion posts next time, maybe one in the middle of the month and one at the end. 

*Is Saturday the best day? I tend to gravitate toward weekends because I assume that's when most people have free time, but weekends can fill up with lots of obligations, especially as summer approaches. Is there another day of the week that would be better?

*Would you be interested in reading another short story collection, or should we change it up next time? I thought using short stories worked well because it was easy to divide the book up and discuss one chunk at a time, but novels are my real true love. What's your preference?

If you didn't join us but would consider doing so in the future, I'd love for you to weigh in here too. What would make the book club more appealing to you?

Once I've gotten your feedback, I'll start brainstorming titles for us to choose from. I'm so excited to read another book with you!

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments! :)

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