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Piano prodigy Thea leaves her home in Bulgaria to attend college at Princeton, where she meets not one but TWO stunningly handsome men who are drawn to her beauty and talent. When it turns out her rival love interests are brothers, both of whom are harboring shocking secrets, Thea finds herself not just in the midst of a love triangle, but one tangled up with mystery and magic as old as the Greek myths she's learning about in class.

Beyond her romantic entanglements, Thea's first year at Princeton is also complicated by her own family history, much of which has been, up until now, completely unknown to her. Her parents have hidden a dark and painful part of their past, but now Thea is unearthing hard truths at every turn. She's not, as she thought, the first member of her family to attend Princeton—and the person whose footsteps she's unwittingly followed is tied up with her present in ways Thea can't imagine.

In lots of ways Wildalone is a typical romance novel, especially when it comes to Thea's angst over which gorgeous, independently wealthy man to choose. If you're frustrated by love triangles, then stay far away. However, Zourkova includes lots of scholarly detail about Greek myths and Bulgarian folk tales that elevates the drama and saves the book from being too Twilight-ish. As a music lover, I also got really into the descriptions of musical works and the scenes in which Thea and her beaus play piano for each other. Who knew a breathlessly fast etude could serve as foreplay?

If you like your romance with a side of the paranormal, if you like folk tales and classical music and dirty family secrets, Wildalone should serve quite nicely.