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This book is a lot of fun. It's the perfect break for your brain if you've had too many long days at the office or too few days lounging by the pool this summer. It's got enough romance and adventure to completely distract you from life for a few hours, and maybe it's just me, but sometimes that's as refreshing as ice-cold lemonade on a hot day. 

The book opens with Luke, an ER doctor, on duty in a rural Maine hospital. Things aren't going great for him lately; he's reeling from the deaths of his parents and the dissolution of his marriage. His wife has moved away, taking their two daughters with her. With only an empty, echoing house to go home to, Luke is admittedly ripe for distraction.

Enter Lanore, a barely legal stunner with a head full of blonde curls and a police escort. She was found wandering along a highway in the dark, covered in someone else's blood. She told the cops that she'd killed a man somewhere back in the woods.

Once Lanny and Luke are left alone, she opens up to him with a bizarre story—one in which she is actually hundreds of years old, made immortal when she was in her late teens. She says the man she killed in the forest was the love of her life, and she needs Luke to help her get away. Luke is a doctor, a man of science, and he's skeptical of Lanny's claims despite her compelling beauty. When she cuts herself with a scalpel and he watches her flesh knit back together before his eyes, though, not only is Luke convinced she's telling the truth, but he's willing to follow her anywhere.

On the lam and headed to Canada, Lanny continues telling Luke the details of her life and how she came to be something more than human. The romance that inevitably builds between the two of them is sweet, but it's background for the bulk of the story, which is Lanny's past. She grew up in the early 1800s in a tiny settlement in Maine, hopelessly in love with the most gorgeous guy in town. Jonathan allows her a certain closeness, but never seems to take Lanny seriously as a romantic prospect. But Lanny's unquenchable desire to make him her own will take over both their lives forever.

The Taker is sultry summer fun. And as is so often the case, it's the first in a trilogy—so check back here soon for details on the next two books, The Reckoning and The Descent.