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I’ma be honest, I didn’t love this book. Did not love it. But I’m still going to write a recommendation for it. Because I’m fairly certain that if I were a little less concrete-sequential, a little less anal and order-obsessed, this reading experience would have been quite enjoyable.

I have a bit of a stick up my ass, is what I’m saying. If your ass is similarly afflicted, you best take care of that before you attempt this one. 

First off, don’t even try to make sense of the section headings or chapter numbers. I couldn’t muster the monumental energy required to check this out, but I’m pretty sure they’re just thrown in at random, with no regard for numerical order. How else can you find yourself reading “Lawyer #3” in the middle of “Chapter 2” immediately following “Dentist #1”?

Now, I’m not a total square. I can handle a nonlinear plot. I can follow a few chronological leaps and dodges. But in this case, it would have been easier to follow the story with no headings or titles or chapter demarcations at all. The constant listing and numbering was too much for my pea brain to process.

But enough about my hang-ups. This is the story of Isabel Spellman, a young private eye who has grown up in the business, taught the trade by her eccentric parents. Unfortunately, her parents have a tendency to use their surveillance tactics on Izzy in an effort to control her life. Naturally, Izzy chafes under the pressure, and tries her best to break away and reinvent herself. A few speed bumps complicate her getaway—first, the disappearance of her little sister Rae, and finally, Izzy’s own realization that she doesn’t want to do anything but be a private eye.

Based on the reviews and blurbs, I expected this book to be a sidesplitter, but it doesn’t really deliver on that. There are humorous moments, sure—one scene that tickled me involved the phrase “you people” being used to refer not to an ethnic group but to dentists. Just expect more small chuckles than huge guffaws and you’ll be fine.

Bottom line: Access your spontaneous side, and read this book.