About This Site

This is a book recommendation website. My goal is to provide a quick and easy glimpse into some of the best literary offerings. Each book recommendation comes with a list of tags, so you can find something that will suit your taste.

I've found in my own searches for “what to read next” that computer algorithms and publisher-provided blurbs can only take me so far. They are a great place to start, but when I really want to know if a book is worth my time, I turn to friends or fellow readers and ask their opinion. There's nothing as good as a ringing endorsement from a human person; after all, that server farm with the blinking lights and advanced airflow controls hasn't read that book, but your friend Mavis has, and she can't wait to tell you all about it.

I read a lot, and I love recommending books to other people. Sometimes I do this in a casual way, as in, “Oh, have you read this yet?” Sometimes I do it by purchasing books for people and giving them as gifts. Sometimes I do it by pestering a friend or loved one until they read the book simply out of irritation. Now I’m doing it on the internet. (Should I rephrase? Sorry to disappoint you, naughty Googlers!) I very rarely wait to be asked for a recommendation; instead, I like to toss them out into the world like little party-crashing, socially inept preteens. (“What are you guys doing? Want to read this book? It’s, like, totally rad.”)

I do not write book reviews—only recommendations. If I would not recommend a particular book, you will not find it listed here. There are two motivations for this rule: first, because my mom always said if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all; and second, because there are way too many great books out in the world that deserve love, attention, and fawning praise for me to justify wasting time on criticism.

Except, of course, for Pride and Prejudice, which is by far the most overrated, misjudged, overhyped, steaming, smelly pile of unromantic horse manure ever to see publication. The pages of this nauseating embarrassment to literature are suitable only for use as kindling or toilet paper. I think we can all agree that Jane Austen owes the world an apology.

But, yeah, other than that, we like to keep it positive around here.